Monday, 11 June 2007

So what is blogging 1

Hi guys. Apparently my viewership has extended beyond the people that encouraged me to stay in tune with my digital virtual being(i can't even begin to imagine what that guy will be like, it will be everything i am not: crazy, risk taker, definitely more good looking, hmmm what else?, yeah more muscular(as if jero has any muscles). It was nice to hear comments from aloted(by the way aloted is like a virtual reality that is losing its second life to me. At first she was too strange to be true. I met her at my nysc camp, all looking cute and lonely!abi, broth, get small moves oo, so broth approach am!, she is aloted, and she finished from one school in burkina faso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, whatttttttt, burkina kini. Anyways we hit it off real cool, followed her to her uncle's place one day and the uncle advised her to be careful for guys like me ooo, because fine girl get british passport, uncle no know say fine boy too get britico passport. Anyways we met again in london, and she was more real, just kidding, aloted thanks for the comment, please ooo, help i need mentoring in this blogging thingy) And bimbylad, it was so nice to see you pop in, apparently, u were laughing at me, don't worry. I was just rehearsing, anyways keep an eye on this page. Thank you anyway, looking forward to meeting you one day, if u are as down to earth as you said. So if u happen to pass this part of the atlantic, please hola at a brother.Lamide, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, ti mo ba gba e mu, if you dare lose interest lasan, i will so sort you out. Anyways thanks for gaining interest in the first instance. The art of blogging is the art of reading, writing, or editing a shared on-line journal. A journal on the other hand can be accurately interpreted with three depictions. It could be depicted as a :A daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations A periodical dedicated to a particular subject A ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred.Now, that first one will almost be very difficult as i am a man of few words, and i hardly talk about myself, not to talk of my personal experiences but the observation one could be easy. It is quite easy to explain lessons from my life to other people. SO u can watch out for observation, but that poersonal nonsense, NO WAY!!!!. We would definitely dwell around the second area more. In the next couple of weeks, i will be launching three periodicals on relationship( don't ask me if i have experience oooooo), Principles and Investments. For the third one, we will be covering rather stimuliating documentaries or series like the apprentice, nip/tuck, girlfriends or greys anatomy, sure nothing superficial like antm(sorry oooo, tyra banks, if you are reading, i so wish) or bachelor.

So that is my idea of blogging and see u guys later..

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aloted said...

Mr Man nawa for u o...thank u thank u..i know say i fine small but haba I did not go to school in burkina faso! Get ur facts straight! lol