Friday, 25 May 2007

This must be interesting

I have just started blogging and i have gotten two comments already, apparently u(now get used to that, if u are going to enjoy my blog) kind of expect that from them, because they are like family. But when they place a demand on you to deliver, you get scared a little bit.

Well lets start blogging, as i am new to this game unlike the okubotes and the toyosi's, i will like to do two things, explain from my own point of view, what blogging is, and also from research. Secondly, elucidate on my personality, that should hopefully culminate in me highlighting my interests. Now if my idea of blogging and the mere thought of who i could be disgusts you, take a hitch( hopefully to a good car).

Ok, thats about it. I will see you tommorrow. I will start with my idea of blogging, then who i am. So i don't bore you too early.


Smoothvibes said...

hmm.. I hear you. Kinda curious to know wat "your idea of blogging " is.

Olamide said...

awww... poor Kunle, he is giving up so soon! Didn't you say see you tomorrow? I'm beginning to lose interest o!

aloted said...

good to know u have decided to join blog world :) welcome

BiMbyLaDs** said...

where is he now?? lol... anyway, welcome to blogville